How To Record Android Cell Phone Calls

There are cell phone recorders that can capture phone conversations you have with others and there are others that are designed to secretly capture the phone conversations that take place on the cell phones of others – you will be surprised at how easy these spy software are to acquire and setup. Though cell phone spy technology is readily available, if you decide to use spy software to record the conversations of others be sure that doing so doesn’t break any law in your jurisdiction.

If you want to record someone’s phone calls, it is pretty simple to do, but first you will need to find good a cell phone spy software. Only the best spy phone software offer a Android cell phone-recording feature so you should not buy just any spy software. While regular trackers may work fine for GPS tracking you must make sure that the software you choose has the conversation-recording feature before you get the service.

Which Products Allow you to Record Phone Calls?

There are other cell phone recorders, but two of the best Android cell phone recorders are: Mobistealth and StealthGenie. Both software will record any conversation that takes place on the phone and store it a secure server from where you can listen to and review the conversations from your online account – all you need is a Internet connection and a computer.

One of the most interesting features of the two services is StealthGenie’s Call Intercept feature. It allows you to set alerts that tell you when a call is made or received from a particular number you had set an alert on and give you the option to immediately conference yourself in on the call, all without the other parties knowing that you are listening.

As was hinted before, these apps can do much more than covertly record a phone conversation, in fact they will allow you to see the SMS log; call log; emails that were sent and received; contacts that are stored; bookmarks and Internet browsing history; appointments made as well as videos, music and photos that are stored on the phone.

In fact Mobistealth and StealthGenie are among the best cell phone spy products on the marketing that will allow you to record phone calls and listen to them whenever you want.

Simple Voice Recorders

However, if you are looking for a simple audio app to record a lecture or conversations you can consider these Android recorders.  The article is a roundup of three of the best audio apps – the list includes a noise cancellation app for recording in noisy situations.

Remotely Install Cell Phone Spy Software – Can You?

Many persons who are looking for a cell phone tracker do so to give themselves and option to recover their cell phone just in case it becomes lost or stolen. On the other hand, there are others who want to use cell phone tracking software to spy on others, so it is quite understandable that they would want to know if it is possible to remotely install spy software or install spy software without having physical access to someone’s phone.

In short, the answer is no. There are few products that say they can be installed remotely, but none of the reputable cell phone tracking software that I have come across, or tested can in fact be installed remotely. You will need to have access to the phone for a few moments to install the tracking software or have access to the Android Market account that the device has been linked to.

Remotely Install Spy Software via Bluetooth

While it is true that there are tracking software that can be installed via Bluetooth, this installation method is not ideal for covert tracking. By its very nature a Bluetooth connection request has to be verified before the connection can be established, which defeats the purpose of doing a remote install (that of doing it secretly).

If you don’t have physical access to the phone you want to track or haven’t linked it to a Android Market Account, don’t buy tracking software to monitor or spy on it.

Remote Install from the Android Market

You may be able to remotely install a tracking app if the device has been linked to a Android Market account and the phone has data enabled. One such remote tracking app that can be remotely installed is the Wheres My Droid app.  If data is enabled on the phone you can log in to the Android Market account; click on the install link of the app you want to install; approve the permission request and wait about a minute for it to install.

Android GPS Tracker – Stealth Genie Review

There are quite a few Android GPS trackers on the market that can serve the needs of anyone who wants to track someone’s phone whether you want them to know you are doing so or not. While all Android GPS trackers will allow you to see the target’s current location most offer advance features that are geared toward meeting the needs of concerned parents, diligent employers, suspicious partners and covert spies. Among the most feature rich solutions is StealthGenie; this article takes a look at its features and what it is like to use the service overall.


StealthGenie is an advanced and feature rich Android cell phone tracking software that can be used for a wide range of monitoring activities whether that entails keeping tabs on your spouse, friend, children or employees. Like many of the best Android GPS Trackers you will be able to do real-time Geo Location Tracking, get SIM change notifications, view contacts, emails, videos and emails that are stored on the target phone. Some of StealthGenie’s advanced features include:

Trigger Number Alert – With this feature you can set StealthGenie to send you a SMS or email whenever the monitored phone makes a call to a predetermined cell phone number. However, even without setting a trigger you will be able to see a log of all the calls that have been made and received. There is also an option to record all conversations, just in case.

Live Call Intercept – As we mentioned before, you can set up a trigger to alert you when a call is made or received by the monitored phone. Once Stealth Genie is installed on your target’s phone all you need to do to listen to a phone call that is in session is call the targets phone number from your own number, StealthGenie will recognize your phone number and add you to the conversation as a conference call. The monitored phone will never know that a third person has been added to the conversation.

Record surroundings – Sometimes what is said in regular conversation can be just as interesting as what is said on a phone conversation. StealthGenie can make you ‘a fly on the wall,’ in that you can remotely turn on the target phone’s microphone and listen to sounds and conversations that are within range of the microphone.

Backup and Wipe Data – This feature is best suited for owners who want to store a backup of all information and data on the target phone, but you can use it to keep a record of everything on the phone you are tracking just in case the user wipes data from it; it also works well as a security app on your personal phone, you know, just in case the device is stolen or misplaced.

Call History – The call history feature tells you the name, phone number, date/time and duration of each call. If lots of calls are made from the phone you can also analyze the data by exporting it to Excel, where you can use its powerful data analysis features to make sense of the call records.

SMS Redirect – This feature allows you to send a message to anyone on the contact list of the target phone. That recipient will receive the message as if it came from the phone that is being monitored.


Currently StealthGenie supports devices on all Android phones running OS versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0/3.1 and Blackberry phones running OS versions 4.6/4.6.1, 4.7, 5.0, 6.0. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t continue to use StealthGenie to track someone if they start using a Nokia or iPhone smartphone. If you are concerned that the person you want to track may change their phone, you can consider using Mobistealth since it supports all the major smartphone platforms. In any case, you can access all of StealthGenie’s features from any other device that has a web browser.

While Android trackers such as StealthGenie are ideal for spying on someone without them knowing it, they can be pretty useful at other times as well.  Imagine a situation where you lose your phone but had installed StealthGenie. To recover the phone, and secure any sensitive data you may have on it, simply access your StealthGenie member’s areas from any browser to see where the phone is located; backup your data and remotely wipe anything you want to keep private.

StealthGenie is a pretty cost effective solution considering all the features the service offers. Packages start as low as $8/month for the basic package up to $16/month for the Platinum package. You can even save more by purchasing a package for a period of 3, 6 and 12-month intervals.

How to Track Someone’s Phone

You can be forgiven for thinking that you need to attach some kind of spy gadget to someone if you want to track them. The truth is, that is not necessary; in most cases you can track someone by tapping into the phone they already carry. Tracking someone by their phone is very effective because most persons always have a phone on them, the main challenges are therefore: finding a cell phone tracking software that is compatible with the phone you want to track and gaining access to the phone to install the software.

In a way it is alarming that you can track nearly anyone by using software that is readily available on the Internet. It is alarming because it raises concerns that many of us have about how easy it is for others to know our whereabouts and what we have been doing on our phones without us even knowing it.

The truth is it is quite easy to track someone’s phone without them knowing it once you have the right tracking software. With cell phone tracking software installed call records can be easily accessed, so too can any photo, video, email, or message that was sent or received from the device. In fact, some cell phone tracking solutions can provide real-time information on the whereabouts of anyone carrying the phone and can even be used to intercept a live phone conversation.

Available Solutions

As a result of high demand from spouses who want to track their wildly partners, parents who want to see the whereabouts of their wayward teens and employers who want to monitor their employees, there are quite a few cell phone-tracking solutions on the market; some of the names you are destined to come across include: StealthGenie, Mobistealth and Accutracking.

I can’t speak for the other two, but I have had the opportunity to see some purchase and returns data for individuals and companies who have used Mobistealth. The data shows a relatively low return/refund request rate among Mobistealth users, which indicates that those who purchase the tracking software are generally happy customers. We are not saying that StealthGenie and Accutracking customers are not satisfied with their purchase, but what I can say is that Mobistealth customers vouch for the quality of that service by continuing to use the product month after month.

Android GPS Trackers

Whether you need to covertly track someone’s Android phone or just want to keep tabs on your own phone (just in case it is stolen), an Android GPS tracker will ensure that you know where the phone or person carrying the phone is when you need to.

Of course you will need to decide on whether to use a free Android tracker or one of the more advance paid trackers. The real difference between both options is the list of features that each offer. Generally speaking, free GPS trackers allows you to see where the phone is located, but doesn’t offer more advance features such as remote content retrieval and discreet live call monitoring.

Free Android GPS Trackers

Free trackers are great for anyone who wants to track a friend, family member or business interest. However, these Android GPS trackers are most useful in cases where accuracy, secrecy and reliability is not super important and very basic location tracking features are required. That said, free trackers can monitor an Android phone and have the ability to perform:

  • Real-time, map-based GPS tracking
  • Geofence alerts (in/out home, school or other places)
  • Content monitoring of SMS messages, contacts etc (anti-sexting and bullying)
  • Remote data wipe

Some of the best free Android GPS trackers include Family GPS Tracker by Life360 and Google Latitude (a solution that is not exclusive to the Android platform). For one, Google Latitude works pretty well but requires that the person you are tracking give you permission to track them, which won’t work for those who want to do some covert tracking.

Paid Android GPS trackers

If you need more advanced features that allow you to track someone without them knowing it you are better off using a paid Android tracking software. In addition to realtime tracking, geofence alerts and similar features you will find in free trackers, paid Android trackers offer the ability to:

  • Discreetly listen to live phone calls
  • Turn on the microphone and listen to the phone’s surroundings
  • Track the current location of the phone using GPS or cell phone towers if necessary
  • Monitor text and email messages being sent and received by the phone
  • View web browsing history
  • Remotely download photos and videos that are stored on the target device

By no means is this a comprehensive list of Android GPS trackers or their features, but by now you should realize just how powerful these Android trackers are. In fact, most trackers offer features that many will find too invasive to use on others or simply not necessary for their purposes. In any case, most Cell phone tracker vendors offer a mix and blend of features and pricing packages that should meet the needs of anyone who wants to monitor someone’s phone.

If you simply want to know where your friends are and they don’t mind you knowing their whereabouts, try Google Latitude. However, if you want to track someone without them knowing it you are better off using a more feature rich and advance solution such as Mobistealth or StealthGenie; whichever you choose you will be able to see all that is communicated and stored on the phone.

How to Track an Android Phone

If you want to track an Android phone you will need to have tracking software install on the device, at least that is the case if you don’t have access to the cell phone service provider’s customer database. While law enforcement and similar entities can get access to such records, if a civilian wants to track a phone they will normally need to install tracking software. Once the software is installed it is possible to monitor the whereabouts of the phone, and the person carrying it in real-time, as well as the option to review the GPS logs at a later date.

Android phone trackers use one of three methods to track cell phones; they can track the phone by using data from cell towers (cell tower triangulation), WiFi hotspots that are accessed by the phone, or use the phone’s GPS feature. By and large GPS is the most accurate way of tracking Android phones because they can tell you, to within a few feet, where the phone is located. The cell tower method is less accurate but it is generally more reliable considering the fact that GPS service isn’t always enabled or supported on mobile devices.

How to Track and Android

In order for you to track an Android phone you will need to have access to the phone for 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the tracking software that you purchase; the software vendor will normally provide the installation instructions when you purchase the tracking app. Usually, you will only need to open the phone’s browser and click a link to install the tracker. For those who need to do a quick installation, some tracking software will give you a QR code that you can print off and scan with the phone’s bar code scanner to do the install.

There are tracking software that offer a remote installation via Bluetooth, however the Bluetooth connection verification process requires that the connection be manually accepted, which defeats the objective of covertly installing the tracking app in the first place. Therefore, if you can’t gain access to the phone you want to track don’t bother to purchase tracking software.

Common Features of Android Phone Tracking Software

  • Email/Text Messages/SMS Logging – See what messages are being sent and received with the phone
  • Recording of Surroundings – Some of the best Android tracking apps will help you to listen to the conversation that are within earshot of the cell phone being monitored.
  • Call logging – See who has been called, when they were called and how long the call lasted.
  • Picture and Video Logging – See what videos and pictures have been captured and saved to the phone.
  • Internet Browsing History – See what websites the phone has been used to visit.
  • Contact Checklist – see who is in the list of contacts
  • GPS Tracking – Map based GPS tracking and logging
  • Location By SMS – You can request the GPS coordinates of the target phone by sending a SMS to the phone, which will cause the phone to respond by sending information on its exact location.  Don’t worry the phone’s owner will not see the message or know they are being monitored.
  • SIM change notification – Get notified every time the SIM card and what is the number of the new SIM card.

Cell phone tracking solutions now give consumers a cost effective solution to track someone without them knowing it, all you need is the right cell phone tracking software. There are free Android phone trackers, but if you are looking for advanced features, including some that were listed above, you should consider using a solution from Mobistealth or StealthGenie.

Android Cell Phone Trackers

Google cell phone trackers are great for keeping an eye on your children, employees or a wandering partner. There are quite a number or solutions ranging from paid to free trackers, as well as Android tracking services that run in stealth mode to monitor a cell phone. Whether or not you need to monitor the location of an Android phone or see what the phone is being used for, the following applications are up to the task.

What is the Phone being for?

If you find it necessary to see a copy of the messages being sent, contacts being communicated with and what videos and photos the phone is being used to capture you will need a solution that can remotely retrieve the same without needing to have physical access to the phone after the software is installed – try these apps.

Recommended apps

Phone Control – This is a free parental control app that allows you to retrieve a list of installed applications and forward incoming or outgoing SMS to an email address that you control. You can also use the app to see who is calling the phone and get the GPS location of the phone.

Mobistealth – Once Mobistealth is installed on the phone it can be used to remotely retrieve an email log, website browsing history, a copy of text/SMS and email messages, as well as a copy of videos and photos that were taken with the phone. The software stores all these to a website from where the Mobistealth account holder can access it without needing physical access to the phone.

Who are they Talking With

A record of who your child or spouse is talking with can be just as revealing as the videos and pictures they have saved on their phones. You can see who they have been talking with by using this solutions.

Mobistealth – Amazingly the software can record phone conversation and store it to the website from which the account holder can listen to the conversation whenever they wish. If you just want to see the phone contact list and call details/log the solution can do that as well.

Know Where They are

Keep a bird’s eye view on your children, employees or partner by installing a map-based Android tracker onto their cell phone so you can know where they are located at all times.

Recommended apps

Life360 Security Center – shows a map of where you family members are and will alert you if they are in close proximity to a registered sex offender. The check-in feature is also a favorite among kids and adults alike. Instead of the parent calling to find out if their daughter has reached a planned location the parent can request a check-in; with the tap of a button she can confirm her location.

Lookout – This is a general purpose Android security app that can remotely backup your files, remove viruses and recover a lost or stolen phone. Lookout is a great app that protects Androids against malware and can be used for tracking a phone as well, but it is not ideal solution for stealthily tracking a phone.

Recommended Apps

Mobistealth – This is the mother of all cell phone-tracking services. Not only can you used this tracking software to see a map-based view of where someone is located but the app can also retrieve and store browsing, call and location history as well. Not to be outdone by other Android tracking apps, Mobistealth can also secretly record phone calls, open the microphone to record the phone’s surroundings, and potentially most incriminating of all, it can retrieve pictures and videos that are stored on the targeted phone.

Google Latitude – This is a free GPS tracking service. Google Latitude can be used to track friends and family. For the service to work each user (the person tracking and the person being tracked) must opt in and give permission to be monitored.

A Word of Caution

If you are going to use the information provided by free apps to confront someone about them being where they should not, you should know that free trackers are notorious for giving inaccurate tracking information. We need not say how much of a relationship wrecker wrongfully accusing someone is. If you are going to confront someone with information furnished by your cell phone tracking app, ensure that it is accurate, especially if they aren’t aware that you are tracking them.

To save yourself embarrassment and regret, ensure that you get a reliable and proven cell phone tracking solution such as Mobistealth.

Android Tracker App Review: SMS Spy

GPS tracking is one of the most accurate ways of tracking an Android cell phone. Unfortunately, it is also true that leaving the GPS feature on all the time is a sure way to drain a phone’s battery quickly. SMS Spy is an alternative to traditional Android GPS trackers because the battery hungry GPS receiver doesn’t have to be left on at all times to enable the phone to be tracked.

How it works

SMS Spy is truly a stealth tracking application in that there is no icon created when the app is installed, instead the software runs as a background service, where it waits to respond to location update requests. To find out where the phone is location you simply need to send a SMS to the device with this exact text: ‘How are you???’. The device will respond by giving GPS data, address and a map link showing where the phone can found.


The accuracy of this Android tracking app will vary depending on whether or not the GPS feature is turned on, if it is not, the app will use cell network data to give an approximate location of the device. Be warned, if network data is used to provide a location update the exact location of the phone may be off by several hundred feet. That said, it would be nice if the service could automatically turn on the GPS when a location update is requested and turn it off after the update is received.

The located device will usually show the ‘How are you???’ location request SMS as a notification. If you don’t want the device to show the location request SMS you can mask it by having the device display the message as some other system notification. Start by adding a new contact; name the surname ‘systemnumber’, and leave the other fields empty and give the contact the handset’s number.

When done right, the app will delete the location request SMS and an “Internal Service – SMS Database optimized and compressed” message will be displayed instead. This is a kind of workaround, because it is currently not possible to delete notifications but it is possible to overlay them with new ones.

Family Tracker App Review – Android Tracking Apps

Family Tracker allows you to monitor someone who is carrying an Android or iOS device. It is a convenient way to see where a spouse, child or fiancée is currently located. In fact, if Family Tracker is installed you can use an Android to track another Android and also an Android to track an iPhone and visa versa.

How it works

Once Family Tracker is installed, on the device you wish to track, you can use Family Tracker’s web interface to see a map based representation of where the iPhone or Android device is located, or you can use the mobile version, that is installed on another phone, to check the other phone’s location whenever you want to. As a bonus, any two devices that have Family Tracker installed can message each other without incurring an additional charge.

Each device on which the tracker is installed has the option to automatically report its location (from every 1 min. to every 1 hour) or can be set to report its location on demand. Whether or not the automatic tracking service is disabled, you can always force the tracked device to report its location at anytime.

To get a current location update of the device you can ping it, which means you will send a tracking notification to the phone or Tablet using the “Stealthy Ping” feature. However, for this feature to work, the targeted device has to have Family Tracker ver. 2.4.4 or above installed. Other notable features include:

  • iPhone users can track Android users and vice versa
  • No monthly or periodic fees
  • You can remotely force updates whether or not the application is running and without the user having to take an action
  • The ability to send a “Stealthy Ping”, which will force an automatic location update of the remote device without the person carrying the phone being notified
  • Even if the phone is rebooted, Family Tracker will automatically resume tracking and updating its position when the phone is turn back on
  • Free texts between devices
  • Find your phone when lost or stolen
  • Force the device to make a sound even if the phone is on vibrate or silent setting
  • Track Android cell phones and iPhones as well from anywhere you can get onto the Internet
  • There are no limits to the number of devices that can be tracked
  • Tablet compatible – including Motorola Xoom


AppNotifier Review – Protect Your Android from Malicious Apps

While Android trackers are an excellent way to locate a lost cell phone or keep an eye on the whereabouts of your child, they can also be used to invade your privacy or in other ways gather information that can be used against you. Fortunately, there are apps that can identify when a tracker is installed on your phone without your consent.

AppNotifier is an Android Anti spyware app designed to protect you from unauthorized installations of cell phone tracking and spy app. Interesting, AppNotifier can also be use as a parental control app that will inform you when:

  • Someone installs a geo-location application on your phone
  • Someone installs spy software onto your phone such as a text forwarding application
  • An Android exploit is used to install a hidden application

Your Gmail account has been hacked and someone installs an application on your smart phone.